Gorge and P2 conditions?

Heard valley got hit pretty hard with rain.l and there was some trail damage. Is Gorge and P2 and Bird sanctuary ok to ride?

From what I’ve heard Bird is good. The majority of trails are good at the Gorge. Any trails around the river were affected for sure.

P2 faired out fine.

We got some random rain last night too so things are a bit wet but I was able to find my way around on nicely drained dry sections without much improvising, just got home from a quick rip.

Thanks folks. Might head there tomorrow afternoon.

I’m going after I roast some coffee as well, get a couple laps in before the storm

bird will be the driest in the area by far, P2 and Endorphin wouldnt be that bad either.
Im planning on doing some bird today after work as well. :metal: