Gorge DH race next wekeend

anyone planning on going up to enter and or watch??? I’m thinking I’ll enter this year… see how bad everyone kicks my a**

I’ll be heading up to help out as of now. I am working on Saturday, but not sure about Sunday yet.

You should enter. Not only will it be a ton of fun, but you will also get a chance to compete against some strong riders and maybe even do better than you expect. I’m probably going to enter Cat. C since I’ve never raced before. It’s also a great chance to support a local mountain biking in general.

The DH trail is a blast and has some really fun features on it.


I’ll be there for sure! Not sure if I will get a chance to race or just help run the event. Either way it will be a ton of fun! The weather if looking good for it aswell!

Woooooo! Dowhilllllllllllll! Yes I’m stoked. The course is in great shape. We made a few minor but key changes since the last race that really make a difference. Plus have a few cool last minute items tucked away that will get put inlace for the weekend.

Also drop by Saturday and check out the course for the Enduro that is the following weekend. Both trails will be flagged and marked so you can try out both!

Alas the race has been postponed. The weather is going to be too wet this weekend to run the DH. We’ve rebooked for August 3/4 weekend. On the bright side the Enduro is on for next weekend June 1/2!

Yeah, the forecast is looking hateful. Too bad. If there are any rides at the Gorge next week, I’d be interested. I wouldn’t mind checking out the Enduro course.

I could lead a ride on Wednesday evening. Hows that sound?

Thanks for the offer. I can’t make Wed. Tues looks like the only day I could get over

I’d like to get in on a ride as well. Maybe a bunch of us interested could carpool from Hali? I’m scheduled to work on Tuesday.

I’m going to be at the Gorge on Tuesday but will be running a program, won’t be able to do tours that night but your more then welcome to go ride!

Thanks. I’ll see if I can make alternate arrangements to make Wed happen. If not, I’ll be there Tues. I should know for sure by Sunday.

What time Tuesday? Im booked from 6:00 - 8:00 but might be able to give a tour before or after.