Gorge Enduro Prerides - May 29th - 6:30

Guided pre rides available wednesday night starting at 6:30. Meet at the Gorge parking lot and tag in for some laps!

Same goes for Saturday, the courses will be open for training all day and we’ll have our skills park set up near the parking area to play on and warm up before hitting the trail. Just a note as it’s Apple Blossom weekend here in the Valley the roads will be pretty nuts on Saturday.

If your looking to get to the trail on Saturday go early before 10:00 or after the parades are finished up mid afternoon. The big parade starts at 1:00 and some of the roads in town will be closed or at lest have heavy traffic.

I suggest driving in from the Coldbrook side to avoid the down town. The parade normally runs about 2 hours. Heck why not come ride early then go watch!

Tons of fun stuff going on in the area this weekend, check out some of the Apple Blossom Fest events here: appleblossom.com/

Who else is heading down from Hali?