Government Support for Recreational Trails

Thanks everyone.

When you contact your Councillor, you should ask them to support the current capital request by Parks and Recreation for “Recreational Trails” in 2020-2021 (Capital Project #: CP190002)

Find your Councillor here:

Brendan McGuire, the MLA, can be reached through here:
He has been very supportive in the past two years. I recommend thanking him for his support and asking him to please help keep the McIntosh Run project rolling.


I moved this important post from the Duck N Run thread, so it doesn’t get buried.

Note council will be meeting on June 7/20 so it’s important to contact your councillor before then.


So should I contact my local MLA as well (coleharbour) or just my councillor and also Brendan Maguire?

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I emailed my Councillor Sam Austin and this was his reply

I don’t think there is anything that actually needs to be done on my end. I believe this is part of the Halifax Recreational Trails Association pilot project. The money for that program is in the budget. It’s the first year that HRM has had partnership with HRTA on funding so I’m not sure what, if any, Council involvement they’ll be in awarding the money.


What do I say to him?


Councillor Zurawski’s reply to my request to support recreational trails… “I will, rest assured!”

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I got more words!! :stuck_out_tongue:

As you know, I totally agree with you that we must fund trails, parks and rec. We do have an enormous budget shortfall and will not help. But I will doing what I can to make sure that we have adequate funding. We are optimistic that with provincial and federal help we can continue to make inroads in supporting parks and rec.

When emailing your Councillor and Brendan Maguire about this, it is worth pointing out that, while yes there this a budget crunch, dispersed outdoor recreation is likely to be particularly important in the next few years…


Email sent to Zurawski.

Glad he’s my councillor now, and no longer that tool, Whitman.


Would love to see some emphasis put on more trails everywhere in HRM!

Good day Tony,

Hope you’re well in these crazy times!

If there is one thing that has become apparent to many since March it is that HRM needs more sanctioned and supported trails for all users to get outside and ‘away’ from it all.

I think everyone can agree that McIntosh Run has been an outstanding success. Unfortuntely the supporting infra doesn’t reflect the importance of this trail network. There’s desperate need for proper trailhead parking facilities, waste receptacles and even seasonal porta-potties or washrooms.

As great as the MRWA project has been there is increasing and unmet demand for sanctioned trails on the Dartmouth side. As HRM grows, traffic congestion continues and as we move to greener footprints the need for recreational cycling/hiking/trail running/walking/etc opportunities in Dartmouth will increase. As I understand it, the development of the extensive land parcel surrounding Barry’s Run has stalled pending further environmental assessment due to contamination from the Montague Gold Mines. Has any consideration been given to purchasing this parcel for greenspace for trail development? The location is perfect, the land may be otherwise unusable for development and the need is great.

You’ve long been an advocate for NS and HRM trails for mtb’ing, I’m hoping that we can count on you to support the current capital request by Parks and Recreation for “Recreational Trails” in 2020-2021 (Capital Project #: CP190002)

Hope to see you on the trails this summer Tony!



More networks = less vehicle travel to trailheads, more usage, more support, more riding, etc


I just got the same reply from Sam.

I always do support these. I will keep an eye open for that item.
Thank you
Matt Whitman

Reply from Matt Whitman

Contacted my local Councillor, reply from Matt Whitman.

Thanks for feedback… I usually do.

Thank you

Matt Whitman


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For sure!

This is an important point, so I want to clarify…

The “Recreational Trails” capital request for 20/21 does support a number of recreational trail projects across HRM. No projects beside McIntosh Run are MTB-open singletrack as far as I’m aware, though. But still valuable!

HRM has a long-standing system of supporting trail development through community-driven trail associations such as MRWA. I encourage very MTBer in Dartmouth, Waverly etc to join an existing trail association, build some relationships, and see if you can get a local singletrack project rolling. This year’s Rec Trails funding is a pilot, and is intended to be a regular item in HRM’s capital budget. Going forward, all trail associations in HRM would be eligible for support if they have a suitable project.

Here are the existing trail assocations in HRM:

Mountain Bike Halifax and Bicycle Nova Scotia might also be positioned to act as trail associations. I’m sure they can give more information if you contact them, and may have projects on the go.


I love the initiative but as I have said before I was told at a meeting with city staff and Councillor Mancini that until the Mountain bike trails strategic plan is developed, written and passed by Council there will be no new mtb specific trails developed in HRM.

The lands around Barry’s Run (10 parcels of land) will likely be too expensive for the city to purchase. The same environmental concerns affecting the housing development plans impact the development of a recreation network. Fearing that people will use the water (swimming, fishing ect) and why the city has posted large warning signs about the contamination in the area which has traditionally been used for these activities. I hack around in there and see the potential for sure but the barriers are many for that zone.

Personally I think Shubie has the best chance in Dartmouth. With a large chunk along Lake Charles that could have some fun in it. I have shared my personal scouting and theoretical development plan with city staff and Mountain Bike Halifax. The major bonus is that there is ample parking and some existing washroom facilities, given the shortfall of such at McIntosh Run that scores highly with city staff.


I’m not if an email to Whitman is worth the effort following his rant about bike lanes on Instagram today.


too bad whitman’s insta is private, can’t see post.


I got you fam


This is what I got from my councillor Sam Austin. Seemed pretty positive to me.

The Recreational Trail pilot is in the budget. All that’s left for Council to do is ratify the budget officially. It would be extremely unusual for something to be removed at the last minute. I can’t foresee any scenario where the trail project goes from being funded to unfunded at this point. I don’t think you need to worry.