GPS Files Needed

From this discussion, it seems they would like them split into individual trails first.

My initial take was like yours: anything is better than an empty riding area. Fix it up later.

If you look at the trails as segments in Strava. Can you upload the segments with the strava importer?

I didn’t find it too bad splitting a whole ride into trails using Garmin MapSource with the track divide tool, save the split up tracks in one gpx file and bulk upload them all in one shot. Its faster than editing online.

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I added two segments on the weekend and Ryan Grant from the area has taken it on to upload some with names.

Can you confirm some, when you get a chance?

Anyone? @bent6543? @TheBuilder?


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Thanks for uploading the tracks @heretodestroy! We’ll keep an eye out for any more as the come.

I posted a couple more trails from Victoria Park in Truro to be approved today. If anyone wants to have a look and help confirm them, that would be great.

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Right on. I’ll go check them out.

I managed to add a few more trails that need to be approved for Victoria Park. If anyone wants to have a look and can help get them approved, that would be great. Thanks!

Good stuff, @heretodestroy. Approved.


Yes I approved them too

Awesome. Thanks guys. I’ll keep pecking away adding more as I can.

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