GPS Files Needed

If anyone has gps data from the Cob, could you please upload it to Trail Forks… thanx.


@jetter, you have tracks for the Cob? I thought for sure we did this.

I have gps tracks extrapolated from google earth image overlays, they’re almost as good as the real gps tracks in my experience. If no one has tracks I can upload them instead.

I definitely have tracks of the Cob @JeffV. Should have all of the trails. I’ll upload them when I get a chance.

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I loaded tracks for the Cob a few weeks ago. Maybe its still pending approval??

Not waiting for confirmation, it seems. Check if they were rejected. I have a couple rejected trails areas in my Pending Content list.

It was rejected - didn’t crop the individual segments. I just reloaded/cropped everything so it should be good to go now. Pending approval/confirmation…


I added my confirmations.


Thanx guys… :+1:

It must take a while for them to get approved?

If you are able to confirm them it might help.

With three votes each, they are still listed as unconfirmed. Here is the link to the list of tracks to confirm:

The Cob - confirm

Apparently I don’t have a high enough ‘trust score’ to confirm the trails :s

Lol. You always seemed a little shady to me.

Did it just disapear?

Thanks for updating the link, @bent6543!

it’s here:

The link at the top is different…I also changed the link on the trail page to the correct one

On trailforks should be deleted as it is redundant now. The description, directions and photos should be brought over to

Good stuff. I’m glad it finally made it up.

One of the pinkbike community folks (Brent Hillier) approached me with an introduction to a developer (Trevor May) and the founder (Radek Burkat). Pretty cool. I mentioned that we have adopted trailforks as our way of offering trail maps to our community.

I’m hoping we can get our trust level up so we can fix up the trails in our area easier.

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I gotta say adding trail systems to trailforks is a real pain in the ass. If you could just upload your entire ride from strava it would be a snap, but you have to load each segment of that ride individually as a seperate trail.

Yeah, agreed. It would be nice to load the whole thing and then dice it up into trails.