Gravel Grinder Races

Seems there is a relatively new race format available called the gravel grinder.

They are catching on in the maritimes already and miramichi is planning on hosting one for sure this year, with more on the way I’m sure. Seems to be more recognition of this type of adventure riding/racing the past couple of years. Many of us have been doing something similar without the title for years having organized epic rides or trips in the past without much fanfare.

What do you think? Gravel grinders just a new name for an old thing, or is it a new format of racing that will catch on? Would you sign up for one?

A good way for keeping that expensive cyclocross bike from gathering dust in the off season?

I’ve spent a fair amount of time on fire/logging roads/powerline roads on the MTB, it’s what we did back in the day when you couldn’t find any good trails, or were looking for a bit of unknown adventure.