Gravel Grinders

You must have the full black OE one.
Its a 20 tpi casing. Quite a basic tire. About 700 gms.

The TNT/120 tpi/graphene/490 gms casing version is the one I (and Dex) are referring to.


Another fast rolling option to consider is the Specialized Pathfinder Pro in 38mm. My buddy raced them at Unbound and he really likes them. I used to run the Trigger Pro, which is very similar but lacks the center smooth ridge of the Pathfinder, I raced these tires at Paris to Ancaster.


This thread has been a huge info dump, glad it happened! The next bike on my list is for gravel so this has been awesome!

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2 Questions

Any experience with the Terreno Mix?

Does the dry not come in anything over 38?