Gravel Rides - PEI - What's out there? Clubs? Groups? Events?

Hey ECmtbers,
I want to swing by PEI early August to sample some of the sweet dirt ya’ll have over there.

Are there group rides, inclusive clubs are bunch of peps that enjoy riding Gravel that have recommendations?

Looking for interesting routes on ridewithgps/garmin in the 60/150km.
Also if you have recommendations for airbnb or hotels that are bike friendly and even better, EV friendly, please get in touch!

So far, i’m planning a visit early or late august on my trip to Halifax (stopping on my way in or out of Halifax).



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Message Mike at Meridian63 on Insta. I’m sure he can help. They have some sick modern cabins near Strathgartney and will likely know some routes too.


Here are a few I found on RWG, haven’t ridden them myself.


Some good ideas. May have to check out a gravel ride myself when I visit PEI.

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