Gravel Riding

I like to ride my gravel bike. It’s fun.

I’m thinking of doing some trips this summer. Basically, some exploration of dirt roads, combined with some actual roads, with some rails to trails possibly. I plan the rides to be mostly half a day to a little more.

Anyone else interested in some exploration/dirt road riding?


If I ever get my shit together I hope to organize a fun gravel event up my way. Should be lots of fun. Hope to include it in River John Days end of July) so fams can walk up to Lismore sheep farm for the annual sheep sharing (the sheep sharer is a bit of an attraction). Stay tuned.


Don’t have many details, but I know of an event being planned an hour and half from the city this June. 2 distances. Epic location.

Thats all I have

CN - out


Yea. My availability is limited but my schedule is pretty consistent so I can plan.

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I have an idea for a ride from Lakelands area to Bowater way. Just need to research some routes.


Which “Lakelands” area?

Between Mount Uniacke and Ellershouse.

Its for sure possible.

@riderx sounds like the Bear Scare route…


Sounds like the Tour d’Nowhere. Was doing that back in the mid-90s. There’s more roads now which will make it more accommodating to gravel bikes.

I was wondering about previous rides through there. I figured it had been done before in some manner.

There are some fun routes on the old Bowater service roads around Sims Settlement. This was a 38km lollipop loop with a small section of ATV trail to connect the top of the loop. Always had fun taking my crosscheck out there, but taking a trail bike made it far more comfortable on some of the semi washed out downhill sections.

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There’s a lot of gravel options in the Western Crown Lands Western Crown Lands on Trailforks

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