Gravity Line at the Links is closed?

Hey Everyone,
The AVMBA has not disbanded, and the Gravity Line issue (a serious dissapointment) is being dealt with as best as possible. Since our Links guru, Barry Bennett moved to the big city, me and another local rider have been trying to keep things up to standards set by Barry. For the most part, the landowners are really cooperative, but we are facing a new problem with a landowner, and we think it is hunting season related. For now, let’s all respect the landowner’s wishes, and not trespass, until we get to the bottom of this. This closure only applies to the section of the Gravity Line between the Leatherman and the Lower Trail. A good alternate route is: Gravity to Leatherman, left onto bottom part of the Stone Trail, then follow the Lower Trail until you find the lower section of the Gravity. The Leatherman and the Lower both offer some fun downs.

In other news, I am organizing trail building/maintenance parties at the Links for the next 3 Tuesday nights (28th, 5th, 12th) from 5:30-7:30pm. We will focus on completing the new Waterfall Link. Meet at the main parking spot, train leaves at 5:30. Bring pulaskis, macleods, etc.

Thanks all

Heard some rumors, went for a rip today… where gravity line and leatherman line intersect there is a bunch of trash (trees, ladder bridge, rocks) stacked in the middle of the trail with a “no trespassing” sign hung on a tree… I was original told it was due to the quantity of windfall from the hurricane but upon closer inspection it looks like there was more work put into the barricade than there would have been required to clean up the trail. We rode around it and there is only about 100ft of trail with trees knocked down.

Anyone know anything about it?

Rode there last week and I believe that part was open. We did run into a couple of individuals who came out of nowheres indicating we were riding on private property at one point. Not sure if it’s related or not.

Has the AVMBA disbanded in the valley? Why are they not on top of this issue?

i sent glen a txt before supper… he is looking into it

Good stuff Matt. Hopefully he takes action. Being one of the few legal trail systems in the province open to public use it would be a real shame if we lost it all.
Hopefully it is just a minor PR issue that needs addressing.

maybe someone spray painted their name in big red letters on a rock. he knows who he is. (lol)

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