Great looking trails by the LCMBA

Looks like there’ll be some pretty sweet trails to ride around Lunenburg next year. Looking forward to a visit. For more info on the LCMBA:

Looks pretty sweet and twisty. Almost looks like a pump track in that shot.

I foresee a pedaltrout road trip in 2014…

2013 year end message from LCMBA from their Facebook page.

LCMBA had a great first season. Despite a late start to the trail building we were able to get our first trail almost completed at the MARC site in Dayspring. A few more hours of work once the snow melts and it should be open for the public to enjoy.

We have been working with the great folks at MODL on the development of multi-use single track trails on this site, and this trail is the first of many to be developed.
Our main goal is to develop local trail systems that provide mountain bikers with legal, sustainable and fun places to ride our bikes! If you would like to get involved please get in touch via facebook, or email:

We would like to thank our many volunteers that came out to help this year and hope to see you back in the spring. !!!

Sounds like they have a great future ahead of them.

No one will really know how much work it was, and it really looks like not a big deal, but the fact is it was a lot of hauling and we got some really hard working volunteers. The results,we are very pleased with and the beginning of next season we’re going to put some finishing touches on her and its going to be very fun for everyone. And the fact is this is just the beginning. So exciting!