Great news for rails to trails in the valley

Down this way we knew abou this a little while ago, but it’s still great news.

rails to trails

If it can be anything like the rail trails in Quebec I think it’s great. Well maintained, amazing facilities throughout the system. Unlike New Brunswick which is rutted and washed out (except near the major cities) thanks to motorized traffic and the amenities include a picnic table here and there…
I was under the impression much of this proposed trail was already opened in 2011:
and then closed for repairs:

Who is the Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition? There’s almost nothing on the interwebs about them…seem like mostly an ATV group with a sorted history in building trails. For biased account scroll down to “Smoke and Mirrors in the Valley”

I did find a whole page dedicated to one of the staff, interesting, concerning and of unknown credibility:

The initial push was put through a few years ago, but there was one stretch of land that was difficult to secure. Finally, it was done this year and now the trail will continue straight through.

There were several groups involved with making this happen. Fortunately, many of the prominent folks here are also bikers so that influence is fantastic.