Anybody ever try greenway in bedford? Opinions, comments?
Someone i work with told me about it. Looked it up on trailforks and it looks like it has potential but ive never heard of it before today

That’s just a gravel/crusher dust trail that follows the river. It’s good for a little spin, but it’s not all that long.

Right on. When i looked it up on trail forks. Theres pics of berms and man made jumps. Looked kinda cool

Do you mean this trail?

If so, there are no jumps and berms, not even sure where on Trailforks you saw pictures of those features associated with this trail.

As jetter said it is a crusher dust active transportation trail. You can get a sense of what trails are like by the difficulty rating. In this case it is IMBA white circle which is the absolute easiest, it will be absolutely smooth surface with nothing to avoid or ride over.

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I’m guessing pics may have been from the range trails, which are very nearby.

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Yeh ive come to the conclusion that this guy at work has no clue lol. Hes not.a biker

Yeh thats the one. If u click on main trail on trail forks theres pics of a few different man made structures must just be a mix up

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I see now… “main tail” is part of the Range Trails where those features exist. The Bedford Sackville Greenway is not considered part of that trail system.

Yeah that’s the range trails but I don’t find the other trails have much