Group Ride Guidelines

I’m attempting to organize a bike club at my workplace (Nova Scotia Community College - Kingstec Campus). Mainly for group rides, but we may do some clinics/workshops as well.

I’m wondering if folks here could suggest some guidelines for group rides. My initial thoughts are:

  • require a leader and a sweeper
  • leader and sweeper should have means of communication - radios or cell phones with texting capability
  • count riders at the start, remind riders to let the lead or sweep know if they leave the group
  • the group or an assigned rider should wait at any intersection until the sweeper arrives, to make sure no one makes a wrong turn
  • bring a first aid kit, identify any certified first aiders prior to the ride
  • count riders at the end, make sure no one is missing

Any other suggestions? Anything different in terms of guidelines between a road ride and a mountain bike ride?

Ensure that at least one person has all the tools necessary to fix anything including multiple tubes in various sizes and some energy gels or similar for a quick energy boost for a bonking rider.

Most people have a cell phone so that should be all good.