Halifax council considers fire pit ban

seems like this could include charcoal barbecues/smokers too :frowning:


Fire pits? Ehhh…alright I guess…Charcoal BBQs and Smokers? F off. Might as well ban propane BBQs as well. They are just as, if not more, dangerous.

For the record, seeing as the cops have a hard time finding my road to the cottage, there are no laws that will affect the bonfire at the cottage party…ever. ( I would of course consider how dry the ground is for safety reasons)

It has nothing to do with being dangerous. They want to do this to reduce nuisance calls to the fire department. How ridiculous is that? Maybe they should implement fines for people who report legal activities to the fire department instead.

Anyway, it doesn’t apply to areas without municipal water service so it doesn’t affect me.

Ah yes. That’s true. I just heard of it briefly on the radio. I heard some guy say he was scared someone was going to burn his house down because they have 3-4 foot flames coming out the top. In all seriousness, if you have flames that high, yea…call 911. That is insane. Ive been to a few backyard fires and I have never seen the flame come out the top.

I really enjoy my charcoal bbq, and make some great food in my smoker it would be super lame to not be able to enjoy them… some people may not want to smell the natural smoke but i don’t want to smell their chemical dryer sheets or nasty “air fresheners” ban those.

Not happening. Only one councillor voted in favor of the proposal.