Halifax Junior Mountain Bike Club

Went to renew my BNS membership the other day, in the clubs section I noticed one called “Halifax Junior mountain bike club”-haven’t been able to find any info on this. Anyone in the know?

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We saw them at McIntosh on Saturday. My understanding is it’s 2-3 rides per week on a drop in basis. I cant find schedule or info online either. @elleDEE can you shed more light?


I know some dudes who would be interested!

They are using Team Snap. Kevin Lynch is the Club Manager. They are rolling it out slowly so that they keep it under control, especially where they are dealing with youth and the safe sport hurdles, so i assume that’s why they haven’t blown it up on social media.



Hi there,
I have been getting our Junior Mountain Bike group going. We have been starting slowly but have had 7-8 riders out regularly as well as parent riders. Happy to connect with anyone if they have interest. My email is lynchkevin333@gmail.com Thanks! Kevin Lynch


Hi @klynch, what’s the target age range for the group? Thanks!

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So far the range is mostly 12-14/15. Most of the riders have been attending with parent riders as well to this point and we have been communicating that it is an intermediate ride for those interested in getting involved. Let me me know of any questions or I can connect directly with anyone as needed. Thanks!