HalifaxTrails.ca - Norawarren


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I have ridden here several times. No one will ever confuse it with Fight or trails like Scotch on the Rocks but it is a very well constructed trail. A great place for beginners to hone their skills. The East Pine Trail gets a little more difficult (but still easy for a more seasoned rider) but will be an excellent option once it connects to the Fight Trail System.

I would highly recommend NoraWarren for those getting into the sport and for a destination for those who sometimes grow weary of riding the same trails all the time. All riders of all skill levels would enjoy a ride there. Can’t spend much more than an hour though and even at that you are riding everything in both directions


Agreed, all skill levels can have fun there. Also the entire trail network, including down past the lake, gets snowshoed on a regular basis. Give it a ride after a snowfall sometime, it’s even more fun.


Yeah I thought it would be a good place for a snow ride. I know it gets a lot of foot traffic.