Hammonds Plains Dirt Jump Parks

I was wondering if the Hammonds Plains dirt jump parks are still active.

Where are you talking about? Just wondering

The Leeward Ave. and Silas Quentin Patterson dirt jump parks.

I haven’t visited either park in a while. Possibly last summer. Both were active last year. @nimzie may have an update.

Just moved away from the Leeward area. It hasn’t seen any love in quite some time and is very overgrown. I was unable to push my councillor for fixes because he’s an asshat.


Thanks Jeffro. Would.it be possible to get permission from the city to do that work myself?

Silas park got redone maybe a week or 2 ago not sure about Leeward…

The best spots in the city are the best because the people who use them the most take the time to make them good. Just sayin’.


No idea man. Connect with @nimzie on that.

Now what would it take to get a park In your neighbourhood? Just dreaming of a park within 20k

What I mean to say @supercraig is just go dig and enjoy it. No one will care as long as you don’t make gaps. Especially if it’s not being used anyway. And maybe someday someone will come along and help and the jumps get better and then more people show up and think it’s a good spot and the jumps stay maintained an then the city contract shows up to maintain them and find out that they are rad and help you make them even radder…


Talk to your Councillor and maybe a neighborhood association if your area has one. It’s always good to do a bit of research like areas that are unused municipal land or land parcels that are required to be community green spaces by the developers.

We have plans to go in to most but the city did a very late RFP for new materials we have to wait on. Call 311 and your councillors. Any push helps…


I take it there wouldn’t be any chance of a new park in kingswood if ur struggling to get money to keep up the rest

A quick search shows that as of July 2018 the ratepayers association for Kingswood has specifically identified 2 parcels in the subdivision for potential development with biking in mind. 387 St George Blvd and 70 Viscount Run. A pump track is suggested for Viscount Run.


There should be a funding program somewhere that could help provide money. That’s where your Councillor, Matt Whitman would hopefully help but there’s no guarantee, actually Id talk to Deputy Mayor Tony Mancini, he is very supportive of mountain bike development and very resourceful. It’s always helpful to have a group of people behind your idea. Talk to the ratepayers association… Are there other people in the neighborhood who want jumps or a pump track? Get them together, start a group, go door to door with a petition, get some enthusiastic parents of young children involved. When you have a group maybe contact Bicycle Nova Scotia or Mountain Bike Halifax for support again there’s no guarantee they will particularly do anything except point you in the right direction. If you want it, you need to carry the momentum or find someone who will. Be patient it will take a long time…

Or like some you could just walk into the woods and spend years dedicating hundreds of hours of your free time, spending your own money for tools and supplies to build something you want to ride. Knowing full well that it could get shut down or buldozed at any point but it could last for years of fun too. :pick: :mountain_biking_man:


The fucking thrill of it all :smiling_imp::pick::pick::pick::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::pick::pick::pick::smiling_imp::pick:

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