Handle bar thoughts

I’ve looked around more and I think I settled on the Titec H bars. Except then my Arkel handlebar bag wont’ fit probably. So perhaps the Nitto Moustache bars would be better. And with the moustache bars there is no need for me to change my brake levers or shifters.

Right now my do-everything bike is a Surly Long Haul Trucker. Its a touring bike, or if you prefer a mountain bike from the 80’s with drop bars :slight_smile:

I want to play around with other bars, some of my thoughts are Titec H bars, On One Midge, Salsa woodchipper and the Nitto Albatross.

Thing is, most of these also represent an investment in Paul’s Thumbies for my bar end shifters, and probably a switch from my drop bar style brake levers to mountain bike levers. So 80 or 90 bucks for handlebars and possilby close to 150 ish for brake/shifter accessories.

Here is the question of the post: anyone have experience with these bars… anyone HAVE a set of any of these bars hanging around I could rent/try/borrow? Any shops stock these?

I recognize that as soon as I step out of the norm of either mountain flats/risers and/or drop bars i’m off the beaten path, but thats how I roll :slight_smile:

Why not score some free shifters/levers from garbage bikes just to try the bars out? If you like it, get a real decent cockpit set up. If not, e-bay the bars. Could even throw some friction shifters on the stem or top/down tube for a trial run. I might have some stuff lying around.