Handlebar End Caps for Sale

I bought a box of Handlebar End Plugs from Ebay. I have way more than I’ll ever use, so I’ll sell the rest for $6/pair. These plugs cover the whole end of the handlebar and grip.

They do two things:

  1. Protect the end of the bar and grip - grips can get ratty from leaning the bike up against things, or from crashes. Bar ends can also get bent from crashes.
  2. For me, most important - Safety - these caps cover the whole end of the bar, keeping it from taking a core sample out of your body in the case of a crash.

They’re meant for lock on grips, but you can use them for regular grips as well.

Here’s what they look like on the bar - this one’s been on the bike a while and is a bit chewed up.

Do you still have the end caps for sale? If so message me directly. Thanks.