Hang Over Bike Racks

Our family is going to be in the market for a new bike rack for our vehicle in the next year or so and I’m starting to do some research now. Does anyone have feedback/experience with North Shore Racks 6 bike or Yakima’s hangover rack?

I have North Shore for 2 bikes.
Well built, will likely outlast all other bike racks.

Not ideal for road bikes


Fixed that for you.


Mine rusts like crazy, i attempt to unrust every year.

Missed the patina :slight_smile:

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I have used the North Shore racks while riding out west and they are solid. Although I found the rear wheel attachment string a little fiddly for my liking.

I have not used the Yakima hangover but I was looking at one on an SUV at work the other day and it looks to have a good build quality to it like any other Yakima product I have ever owned or used. The foot pedal to lean the rack away from the vehicle for hatch access is also very convenient. There are also lots of Yakima dealers if something was to go awry.

Again, I own neither and have only used the North Shore in a limited capacity. But I own and have owned a pile of Yakima gear of the years and it has never done me wrong.


Thanks for the comments everyone.