Have mercy on Bowater!



I’m not a moto guy, but honestly, the moto traffic has probably done more good than harm to those trails. I’ve ridden the trails regularly over the past six years and they are improving with the increased traffic. Most of the moto riders are very gentle on the trails and don’t do any significant damage. The builder even encourages motos to ride his newer trails to break them in.

Sure, you’ll see evidence of them being in there from time to time and some less experienced riders might leave a bit more evidence than ideal, like in your second photo. Your third photo is of a poorly drained section of trail and that’s why you are seeing the tracks – it’s not really the moto’s fault.

I don’t think there’s much cause for concern at this point and hopefully it stays that way!


Yes I can see the point of Moto mtbrs riding in there. But people are too complex and erratic with motors on them and much more weight makes all that soil and moss compact which leave it bare to become mud holes.

Well If it’s the builders and community choice then yes.

After we all Just don’t want this pristine ecosystem be like Bedford rifle range trails where it has been crapped really bad.

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Yeah, that’s the issue I see, a couple decent moto guys is one thing, but the range has been destroyed completely, and the bird sanctuary in Kentville is really bad too.
Once a few guys get on to a spot, it doesn’t take long to destroy it.

I think the Bowater trails are less attractive to the Moto guys that want to ride fast and rip stuff up. At least that’s my hope. I certainly don’t want to see them get destroyed.

One decent section of trail in kentville was completely wiped out by a group of motos in early April. 12”deep ruts directly in the middle of singletrack.

Can’t have anything nice. :frowning: This really highlights the need for protected trail systems and trail organizations to help get trails sanctioned.

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