Headed to keppoch, have two seats (one seat left)

my buddy and i got a truck and we are headed to keppoch this weekend. we will start early like around 9am and ride until 4/5pmish

if anyone wants to join shoot me a message. 2 seats available. we are both like okayish good riders but we would ride with anyone to have a good time.

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Are you going Saturday

if weather allows yup

I’m definitely intrested in going

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you can contact me here or 9022099460

got your text! thanks


Saturday’s weather looks great, overcast so it’s not too hot

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yup we are aiming for Sat

Sick, this will be my second time and this time I dont have to worry if my dad will be able to make it down the trail and have some more fun this time around

Also ik this doesn’t really matter but I’m still technically a new rider I’ve only been riding mountain bikes for a few years.

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thats all good, there are different types of trails over there. we will ride like 3-4 hours

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@Taseen_Iqbal post up vids, Want to see that nukeproof and commencal Blast Kepek!