Heading to the Valley!

Hey folks,

I am moving to the valley as the newest employee of Valley Stove and Cycle. I am very excited to be heading to MTB mecca for Nova Scotia, and to be able to work with a great company and ride with some great folks.

I hope everyone can come down and join me for a ride, beverage and just to hang out at some point in the future. I will still be attending the weekly Tuesday night rides as often as possible but also riding Wednesdays in the Valley on their weekly rides. I will also be expanding my repertoire including some road rides and some bikepacking overnighters as well.

I start on March 26th so feel free to drop in at Valley Stove and Cycle and say hi as well!

Welcome to the valley…VSC has a Tuesday night gunfight…er…I mean road ride that is entertaining, also.

Bring your legs and save something for the sprint finish.

Sounds like I might have to do some training before I do that… would be like taking a knife to the gunfight right now.

Congratulations Mike!

Hope the move works out well for ya… :slight_smile:

Yippie. More cool people to ride bike with!! :smiley:

Hope you will be able to get out on a few rides in Hants County. I am sure Brent would be happy to have some company that, unlike yours truly, possesses something that could be called ‘skill’.