Heads up @ the links: unmarked trailwork

ohh guys don’t you worry we have rocks and roots too!

I was out for a ride at the links in Woodville today and encountered 2 spots where the trail is significantly dug up (machine work) One spot is no problem, it is a flat section, on the midway trail but the other spot is on “elevator” and you can be carrying a lot of speed downhill into a blindish corner and run into a large excavated area. There are no warnings on either the trails or in the parking lot Kiosk.

Keep your eyes open out there.

Elevator is fixed. Sorry that is took so long to get cleaned up. There as some delays in sorting out the repair work. Another builder did the first job, I belive it was very wet at the time, hense the mess.

Michelle and I went in Tuesday with a mini ex can finished things up. The other smaller berm may still need worked on, I’m not sure honestly if any one has finished that project. I’ll look in to it.

Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image

Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image

Sorry - Couldn’t copy this image

Looks good!

You valley boys with all your dirt…http://resource.pedaltrout.com/old_site_images/5ec3bb4781c8e43a51d3a1a948b98fc0.gif

Tell me more of this “dirt” you reference.

Strange isn’t it… not a rock or a root to be seen.