Headset help - who makes what I need?

So… I’ve got a frame with a tapered integrated head tube that I want to run a straight 1 1/8 steer tubed fork in. I know no big deal right? well… said fork has an integrated crown race for 45º bearings, so I can’t run a reducer crown race on it.

Does any one sell bearings that are reduced to fit 1 1/8 rather then doing it with a crown race? I seem to think these existed but can’t remember who sells them.

(trials bike problems…)

Probably (almost certainly) not the cheapest way… but Hope pick & mix? https://www.hopetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/HOPEHEADSETS2011Web.pdf

Sorry… reread…my comment not applicable

Negative on the Hope headset. Doesn’t look like they make a integrated tapered headset.

I’ve sorted out the issue. Found a headset reducer that will do that job, but in the end I’m just going to change forks as I got a killer deal on a tapered one.

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