Helmet suggestions

Hey Gang,
I’m thinking it’s time to upgrade to a new helmet. I have an old Giro Xar (I think) that’s probably taken too many knocks/sweat/uv rays to be safe.
Any reccomendos? I’m always intrigued by the bell super3R but a bit hesitant of the price.

For trail riding I use a Specialized Ambush. Fits me great, is nice and light, wide visor adjustment range and comes is dope colours. They have two versions now to fit various budgets / needs. The original Ambush is $220 CDN,and the Comp version’s msrp is 160.

I have this one:
(not my photo, borrowed form the interwebs, helmet is brighter in the real word)

Ambush: https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/ambush/p/132391?color=219123-132391
and Ambush Comp: https://www.specialized.com/ca/en/ambush-comp/p/132338?color=219284-132338

**full disclosure, I am supported by Specialized. But you can trust me, I wouldn’t recommend anything that I didn’t think was quality gear.

What ever helmet you go with just make sure you test fit it first to be sure it fits your noggin :sunglasses:


Ambush is an awesome helmet. Needs to fit right though. If it feels good, do it. I am a Specialized dealer in Chain Lake, Halifax. I have some Ambush helms in stock.

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We have a couple ambushes and some tactics in stock as well. Specialized helmets fit really well.

Thanks! strong showing from the specialized camp:)

I’ve worn bell, garneau and Giro in the past and tried Poch, 661 and lazer. They all fit differently. Some don’t fit my head at all. Best to try them all on and see what feels best. I find that Specialized fits the majority of people best.

I would also suggest something with the MIPS technology. It’s designed to help lessen the impact and help with the severity of concussions. Does it work? Well let’s hope one never has to find out, but if it helps a little it’s worth the extra 10-20 buck imo.

For MTB I would definitely suggest something that does extend down the back a bit. Keeps the helmet in place in the event of a crash.

One other small thing. If you ride at night, make sure you have holes in the right area for your head lamp if you use one.


Love Scott Stego with MIPS.

I’m due for a new helmet. I’ve run a Giro Xen for many years. Giro helmets seem to fit me better than Bell. Haven’t worn a Specialized although Janet (@CyclingGirl) wears one and likes it.

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I picked up an IXS Trail RS Evo a month or two ago and am impressed with the quality and comfort/fit. I haven’t tried many trail helmets outside of popping them on in shops, but this one ticked all the boxes and has great reviews anywhere I’ve looked and once I tried it on I was sold.

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It really all depends what fits you, after that buy the helmet with the best features and protection you can afford. Giro helmets do not fit my head, Bell do. The best fit for me is POC, and I have a Trabec that likely needs replacing soon and one of their super high end road helmets too.

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I really like POC products.

Agreed, lots of good choices-will have to see what fits my melon… currently I’m finding my full face bell downhill helmet I could never be bothered to wear in summer months b/c it was too warm on the uphills is perfect for cold and sketchy winter riding!!


I bought one of these this year and love it. Nice big adjustable visor to and lots of coverage in the back. As Jeff said try a bunch and buy what fits. I’m the opposite to him in that giro works for me and bell doesn’t.

Depending on how you ride, honestly i found suffering in a fullface helmet in the high heat til youre used to it is worth the peace of mind (and face). After not even a week, i dont even notice it anymore regardless of how hot it is (added bonus as warmth in the winter too) and its bailed my jaw out countless times. I have 661, giro remedy and fox rampage - fox has been my favorite

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If you or any of your friends are looking for full faced helmets… I have two Bell Sanctions here @ Idealbikes, Chain Lake on pretty deep discount. My last two and I’d like to see them find a good home.

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The Giro Switchblade and Bell Super are Enduro-style helmets- lightweight and decent ventilation, but both have a removable chinbar for extra protection when desired.

Yeah I like the idea of a removable chin guard in theory. Giros have traditionally fit my head better but I’m not a huge fan of the switchblade looks with chinguard off. I’ve heard the fit is a bit different between the old bell super2R and the newer 3R ad well…

I picked up a louis garneau raid this year. Great fit, lots of adjustment , covers head well and has adjustable front visor.
Find it really comfy and light also has enough vent holes to keep you cool in summer but doesnt have a ton so i like it for colder riding as well. Liked the price point for this style helmet too!


Just make sure the colour matches your bicycle.


Like my cast.

Your next cast you make get option for different colors.