Help confirm some chain tension related purchases... OR DIE!

Heh, so I have my 2010 norco fluid setup now as a 1x9, I want to add a chain tensioner. I’m not excellent with describing things so here comes urls o rama.

I have this style of BB

I’ve got a blackspire ring-god bash guard.

Here are the 2 bits I’m thinkign about ordering…

I think that will be all that I need, perhaps some longer crank bolts? Anyone know the mm length i’d need?


Hoh hoh hoh… … en-8-speed

What is your main objective with doing this, best bang for the buck, or the best set-up you can get?

If it’s bang for the buck, then the inner bashguard and chain tensioner should work great.

The best setup would be a clutch type derailleur and one of those narrow-wide front chain rings.

I love my clutched XT rear derailleur. Keeps the chain nice and tensioned with no chain slap (although I do have a chain tensioner too). My buddy Jason (bronze diamondback) has a clutched SRAM X0 rear derailleur that was new in the spring, and it makes a ton of racket, which from what he has read online is a fairly common problem with them.

I’m looking for best bang for buck / low complexity. Converting the whole bike to 10 speed so it can use a clutch derailleur is not gonna happen. They don’t make 9 speed ones. The article there mentions you can use a SRAM 9 speed shifter with a Shimano 10 speed derailleur since they’re both 1:1. I just have to find a shifter on the web, they seem a bit rare to get just one new. I can go used too i guess.

Anyways, I do like the idea of clutch der. better. But I can go with chain tensioner too.

You can use a shimano 10 speed clutched derailleur with a SRAM 9 speed shifter. This way you can enjoy the benefits of the clutch without having to upgrade the entire drivetrain. Plus 9 speed parts are waayyyyy cheaper, so you could just do the 10 speed hack and buy a wide/narrow chainring and be better off.

Keep in mind that you need to fabricate/buy a little 6mm spacer to get the ratio just right. Apparently it will work without it, but the indexing will be off a bit and have some sloppy shifts.

Have anylinks about that 6mm adjustment? Want to read up a bit more on it. Thanks for the info btw and I think this is almost certainly the route i’m taking.

This thread seems to have most of the important information on it, and even has a user that sells the spacer that he has machined for the purpose.

AFAIK any shimano 10 speed-rear derailleur (except XTR) can be made to work with a SRAM 9 speed shifter as long as the spacer is utilized as well.

Well… I went with one of these I’m travelling in 2 weeks with bike, didn’t want to jeopardize long shipping times so I know with Amazon I’ll have this part in a week. I’ll be the guinea pig and let you guys know. I’d have prefered clutch setup, but coordinaing that little 6mm adjustment, a deraillure and a hens-tooth shifter (x9 rear 9 speed)… well I didn’t want to risk it.

I’m pretty sure I seen one at MEC.

Just to clarify, it can be ANY sram 9 speed shifter. (X5,X7,X9,X0) and any shimano shadow+ rear 10 speed. (except XTR)

Yeah, but I want a x9 :slight_smile: for now we’ll see how this works out.

i have a 2 foot drop in my back yard that i hit a few times last night and dropped chain every time, so i have no doubt that sugarloaf is gonna cuase lots of them. hopefully this bionicon is awesome.

I have a X9 shifter I can sell, but it’s either way overpriced or comes attached to another '10 Fluid.

Hah, message me if you do really want to sell it but I have one '10 fluid now, so i’m full there :slight_smile:

How’s the Bionicon working out?

it didn’t ship. they were out. sheldon@sportsheels rigged up something to get me thru the weekend. i might put front der back on and just live with it until i go 10 speed or hack a 9 speed clutch.

So I decided to pick up a 10 speed shimano shadow + rear derailleur and give it a shot with a 9 speed sram shifter.

My setup is a shimano zee FR rear derailleur, x9 9-speed rear shifter, slx 9 speed 11-34t cassette and a 9 speed KMC chain. I put a raceface narrow wide 32t on the front crank and no chainguide of any kind.
It took me less than 5 minutes on the work stand to get the shifting dialed and it works perfectly. I took a quick spin through the gorge/p2 (roots galore) last night after the change and had zero dropped chains or funky shifts.

I’m still going to make the switch to 10 speed so I can get a 36t rear cog on my cassette without having to buy a boatanchor 9 speed one.