Help us name our goat

Hey ya’ll

We just had a new addition and you can help us name her.

She needs a bike themed name, just like the rest of the herd. We already have Axel, Sprocket, Endo, Cadence, Peaty (Steve) and Palmer (Shaun)
If we pick your name for our new little girl we will send you some cool Tipsy Toad soaps!!

I’m still going with Pedals or as others suggested Pedal. Kickstand was a great suggestion too!



I like kickstand too!



Have you picked a name yet?

Yes! Thanks for the reminder Ryan.
Taken from Sues FB page.

Thank you everyone for participating in our Name That Goat contest. You had so many awesome ideas, it was pretty tough to make a choice. Our winner is (drum roll please) Sherry Huybers Withers… We’re naming her After Smokin’ Miss Elladee Brown, one of my most admired female mountain bike racers. Elladee borrowed my Vans sneakers when she forgot her own, and subsequently crushed the competition at a Canada Cup Dual Slalom race many years ago. There’s a little personal connection. In honour of Lisa Dean, however, who did a female goat dance for me (which paid off) and who has been throwing out variations on her own name relentlessly, I am going to call our little goatie EllaDean. Sherry and Lisa, message me your mailing addresses please!

Them’s cute little buggars!