Help with GoPro Video Files

Don’t get too excited but I learned how to edit together GoPro footage. Nothing too exciting but here is my first feature film starring my buddy Paul Bonazza aka Bozo, throwing down his thang at Fight Trail

Good huh?! and such depth to his character :smile:

I have been taking GoPro videos for the last 3 or so years. I have over 1000 clips of everything from Spider Lake, Fight Trail, Whopper, Gore, Mont Tremblant, the F1 Track in Montreal (drafting a bunch of road riders who were dressed in spandex bibshorts. Took my turn pulling too), Fitzpatrick, The Gorge, The Cob, Evil Birch and even a few Shubie Park and Rails to Trails with my wife.

The problem is I have saved them with no assigned names. They just simply appear as 1234.mp4 1235.mp4 etc. It will take me forever to scroll through all the footage to find what I want to edit into the videos. I at least have them sorted into folders named by trail and date so that helps a little.

Does anyone have any advice, technical or otherwise to help speed up the process? When I click to open a video it take 5-8 seconds to load to window Media Player so that gets tiresome really quickly. Using my laptop, probably underpowered for this sort of thing, so you Mac guys can beat up on me too.

Britewhite any ideas?

Hey Kirk–

Any video editor should allow you to dump all of the files to a bin so that they can be easily scrubbed to find the bits you want. If you were on a Mac, I’d suggest Final Cut or even iMovie. On the PC, I’m only aware of Premiere and other semi-pro/pro apps that can get expensive fast. It sounds like your machine may be a little slow for this if it’s taking that long to even open them.

If you’ve got stupid fast internet upload speeds, you could try using an app like, but if they’re all HD, you’ll run out of space pretty quick.

It really comes down to laptop specs too. What are have you got for ram, cpu and harddisk? SSD will make it a lot quicker to open up, ram lets you have more open. etc.

I know I am underpowered for this sort of thing. I gues I just have to be prepared for slow

Try the GoPro software or windows movie maker, both are free and allow you to cut out all the footage you don’t want.