Hey, I'm new here, and hoping to make friends in the cycling community!


LOL. I have always loved cycling, but I’m looking to actually make some new friends who are also enthusiastic about it. I love biking for fun and for exercising,

Just wanted to put myself out there, and hope we can be bike buds!


Hey @spokeydokey welcome aboard. What type of riding are you into and what do you ride?

Are you in Halifax? If so we host a group ride every Tuesday night all year round. It’s open to everyone and a great way to meet like minded folks.

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Ditto what Rolls said, and hope to see you soon at one of the group rides. Welcome!

Hi @spokeydokey im fairly new to the group too, since iv’e been a member to ecmtb i can testify you that they are really accepted me as of the one of the ecmtb brother’s, prodigal brother to be exact. lol .
and Welcome! hope you can join every Tue night ride too.

ONE OF US! ONE OF US! For real thought, we ride year round and a lot of us a few times a week. We will be happy to see you on and off the trails!


Welcome. Lots of trails in the valley and I’m always willing to show them.

What up @spokeydokey? You have found the best riding community around. Welcome to the cult :slight_smile:

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Welcome @spokeydokey ! What kind of riding are you into?