Hi Pedal Trout

Just wanted to introduce myself and maybe get a spot of advice or two.
I want to get in to mountain biking and to that end bought a 2001 Gary Fisher x-caliber 29’er this spring.

It had been left entirely stock apart from a new rear tire, I got a bit excited and added some avid elixir 1 disk brakes, I’m waiting on some hydraulic cable ties to tidy it all up and a set of grips but that’s all for now. Although I will probably replace the bar and stem to something that fits me a bit better.
I’ve enjoyed tinkering away at it and getting it all working properly again, at this point I need to stop tinkering and start riding. I have an 11 month old so escaping can be a bit of a challenge but I’ve gotten out for a few short jaunts. I also bought myself a trainer and now just need a rear wheel to run on it this will hopefully let me get a bit of a workout in during the evening when a certain someone is sleeping.
Now to my question-
I’m looking for a tires that will suit. I won’t be doing any crazy trail riding at this point, mostly I will probably only get out with the trailer which will force me to stick to wide trails and pavement. Any recommendations for a 29er tire that suits hardpack and gravel that won’t break the bank?

HI Miriam, Jeff here. The guy you got the trainer from :slight_smile:

Your dropbox link didn’t work because it was a link to a page with an image in it versus directly to the image. In anycase I’ve edited your posting with the image.

About tires, I now that Sportwheels in Sackville carries Serfas branded 29er tires which do tend to come in at a lower price than brands like Schwalbe or Maxxis and might be what you are looking for. Otherwise I’d recommend Schwalbe Racing Ralphs or the Kenda Small Block 8

OH and as for your trainer wheel, 700c road tires will fit 29ers so you can just get a trainer tire.

thanks for fixing the image for me, I should have previewed it to make sure it works.
Going to look in to the serfas… The schwalbe Racing Ralphs looks awesome though good suggestion, :stuck_out_tongue: I’m thinking mothers day present.
I am actually looking for a 700 rear, I haven’t seen too much listed I may have to wait until it warms up a bit and people want to clean out their basements. :smiley:

Welcome to the site Miriam… Good on ya for getting back in the game with the little one in tow. :slight_smile:

Good to see another 29er convert joining the crowd!

My crew swears by Racing Ralphs, my new rig has them outta the box already. The Maxxis Beaver looks like a good all-arounder. Small Block 8’s are a real winner for everything but the messiest of conditions. Can’t really go wrong.

As far as a 700c tire for the trainer, I have two slicks that you can have. For free. They don’t last as long as a dedicated trainer tire, and you might have to vacuum up a little bit of rubber from time to time. But, they are free.

Welcome to the 'Trout!

So I’ve undergone a brief transformation…now known by my mountain biking name :roll:
Rally_Kia slicks would be fantastic I’ll shoot you a PM.
Now after having done some research I want some Racing Ralphs :sunglasses: you guys are a bad influence. I think I’ll use up the tires on there right now and once I’m out often enough to justify it I’ll treat myself.
I was home bound all weekend…

'99 wolverine for a kid in the neighborhood, it came out of a friends basement. I thought I just needed to pull the front derreuiller and find him a seat clamp and saddle, but somewhat unbelievable the rear axle was sheared in half only held together by the skewer. :shock:

A trip to sportswheels is in order.

Next up on the stand will be my step sons wolverine, he’ll be doing the busy work on it, he’d like to try a SS so that should be fun.