High School and College Cycling Teams

So I read about all these high school and College cycling teams, both on and off road, in the states and maybe even in some parts of Canada. Do we have anything like that around here and if not, why?

I can only think of money and insurance as potential culprits.

And a shortened season too. Since I ride all year, it doesn’t affect me, but I can see that as a factor.

Fat lazy kids.

There are even scholarships in the states for cycling. How effective would that be in retaining the age bracket of 16-24 year olds in cycling?

We founded SPOKE about 10 years ago when I was in Pictou County. Students Pedaling Onto Kreative Education.
It incorporated mountain biking into the physical education program.
I’m not sure if it is still alive or not. It was a really great program.

I think the closest thing would be the Canada Games programs.

I just don’t think there is the interest in the schools by staff and students to go through what is necessary to start and maintain a team. oh, and the money too. Schools aren’t good at non-mainstream and bike racing is still very much a fringe sport here so it doesn’t get the attention that hockey, football and soccer do. I mean there’s never any news coverage around races (unless it’s going to block traffic like the crit around the commons.) Now, I don’t really read the papers and definitely not the sports section at all but when was the last time race results were published in the papers, or a local news crew at a race?

Yeah, kinda like hockey in certain states. The Stanley cup is on and the sports section is covering baseball training camp. Good point. It’s a shame overall as cycling can be a less expensive sport than hockey and other mainstream sports.

The most recent tv news report on bike racing in NS?

The bit at the end of the video with the static. Yeah, that sums up modern coverage. I don’t know why organizers don’t call in the local news crews or at least Eastlink. I am sure they would love a little local content. Something BNS should be looking into I think.

‘all of the riders survived’ nice!

Are you volunteering for the new position of VP of media relations?

The policy over the last while, by BNS: the local media is told of every event at the start of the season and a week before each specific event. Its up to the assignment editor or producer to decide what events they cover. Some event organizers have connections to the media and are able to wrangle a bit of coverage out of them, which is why Eight Hours of Gore got some coverage last year.

[quote=“bent6543”]The most recent tv news report on bike racing in NS?

Nope, the same network covered Gore last year. Same station too(actually my vid there is of MITV which became global).

cool, I haven’t owned a tv for close to 20 years so I haven’t a clue what goes on there.


cool, I haven’t owned a tv for close to 20 years so I haven’t a clue what goes on there.[/quote]

Congrats on the lack of tv ownership.