Hip Hinge

I’m familiar with the “attack position”, but this is the first I’ve heard of the “hip hinge”. Is it just me - or does everyone know about this? What do you think?


Good examples of this on a mtb are Loic Bruni, and any of the french Commencal riders.

If you watch them ride in this position, their midline and head/shoulders stay super stable.

Ryan Hughes (Ryno Power) demonstrates this a lot on a moto in a few of his videos on the gram.

Chase Sexton dives into this as well and how he specifically trains for this using foundational strength protocol (youtube - standing founder as an example) on a gypsy tales podcast.


I do know about it but do the the titanium and bolted together nature of my hips I struggle to do it! I only know because I have to actively force it always, and often find myself too upright!

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If you hear this on the trails that’s just me.


I asked ortho to throw in a zert but they wouldn’t

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