Hitch Mount lock

I have a Yakima holdup rack but it is threaded so my lock pin doesn’t work, any ideas on how to lock it.

If the pin protrudes far enough through the receiver you could drill a hole and put a lock through it.

I have one for the 1 1/4 version. Just the pin, not whatever goes on the end of it

Actually, I don’t know if it’s for 2" or 1 1/4". I bought the parts for it to change it onetime, then sold it, then regretted it, because it’s an awesome rack. All I have left is one pin. So if that helps you at all, let me know.

I need. 1 1/4 does it look like this

You need this. HitchLock – Yakima

Mine is the bigger one for 2". Bumnmer. Go pester the Yakima dealers to get the part for you.