Hope Pro4 - blown inner freehub bearing

Me: Sells backup wheelset to fund other replacement parts.

My hub: lol, fuk u

Started investigating what sounded like itermittent tire rubbing, and ended up finding that the outer race of the inner freehub bearing decided to self-destruct.

Should be interesting getting the axle out, because the inner race is still securely in place and may not come off gently, but even worse will be trying to get the piece of outer race out of the steel freehub body. Should be able to use the old alu freehub body if I need to, but hoping I’ll just need to scavenge the inner bearing from it.


That bearing failed quite spectacularly! For that piece of race in the freehub, I would carefully cut a slot with a dremel or die grinder and a fine carbide or diamond burr. Once cut, or close to it, it will pry out with a screwdriver fairly easy.

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Good idea, @Slider. I’ll go that route if I have to. The steel body seems to hold up much better to cassette bites so I’ll do what I can to save it.

Luckily I was able to get the axle out, clean out all the debris, swap the pawls/springs to the aluminum fhb, and get it all built back up. Nice little shakedown ride today and it’s back in business.


Never fun… mine blew up last night on flat lake trail heading up berms berms berms… now to get parts… its a bontrager wheel with 54 pt engagment