How do you measure rise/sweep in handlebars?

I’m just curious how you can measure the rise versus the sweep in a bar. There doesn’t appear to be any indication on the bar itself. What sticks out for me is that it would change depending on how far you rotated your bars forward. So how do I check what my bars actually are?

I would say take a straight edge and have it contact the two ends of the bar then meausre the distance to the stem from the straight edge

Right, but what is that going to tell me? The rise or the sweep?

I just don’t know how to differentiate the two, as it would depend on the rotation of the bar

Sweep you have it parallel to the bar. Rise on the top of the bar… If the top is 12 oclock then the sweep would be your 3 oclock per say

I go by what feels right.

Rise is the height difference between the centre of the bar at the stem position and the centre of the bar at the highest point of where it curves from that point.

Sweep is the distance between the stem mount and the grip position.

An old skool xc bar would have 0 rise and maybe 1/2 cm to a cm of Sweep. Freeryde and dh bars are 1-2inches of rise. Not sure about the sweep.

Yes, by rotating it back you can adjust the fit. Some people prefer to have it level, I go with a slight tilt back.

Don’t forget to readjust your shift and brake levers after changing your bar position.

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if you want to check your current bars, as opposed to measuring them, use google; as in, type the brand and model of your handlebars, and the words “sweep” and “rise” into google, and press return