How do you store your bikes?


I live in an apartment, so I don’t have the luxury of a garage or storage area to store my bikes. I actually saw an infomercial about this product:

Bike Nook

I don’t think I have ever seen any infomercial that tempted me to buy the product until this one. 40 bucks seems reasonable, but I have three bikes strewn about my apartment, so that could add up. Honestly, I think with some 2x4’s and an afternoon, I could create some reasonable facsimiles. But, it got me curious. For those who don’t have big storage spaces, how do you store your bikes?


In my apartement before I got a house I would stack one on the kitchen table and 2 next to it. Or sometimes put one on my 2nd couch. I never found an area big enough for a rack.


I’m fortunate that I currently have a den in my apt that is for all my bikes, camping, and outdoor gear. But I screwed a board to the wall making sure to hit studs and then put rubberized hooks into the board. Works great.


Same idea. Couple of two by fours and some heavy duty hooks from the dollar store. In my basement rec room. All in cost me about $12.


Right now the bikes are in the ‘bike room’ (unfinished basement) of our house, but we expect to be downsizing this summer. The 2x4 into a stud and then bike hooks looks to be the best use of space, and I suspect my solution will look a lot like that. Having the heights staggered will help keep everything compact - I hadn’t really considered that.



I got the idea from here…


I strap mine to the outside of the hayloft with baler twine. J/k but really.