How is the Grey Mountain downhill

Hey all, i was just wondering how the black diamond downhills are in the grey mountain?

anyone been there recently ?

They are fun…the group of riders up there does a good job at keeping things cleaned up most trails are signed… the longest downhill is the KAZ, it is not pure DH there is a climb in the middle. The trails here are mostly rated black because they are rough and rooty there aren’t really any drops or jumps, but there are some steeps. All the trails at Grey are what I would call “classic”. There is flow but you have to be up to speed to get it.

You have to earn your turns at Grey so depending on your pace a 15-30 min climb and 6-10 min down.
Here’s the first bit of the KAZ from the top:


I love the Grey Mountain trails! Here’s some more video from a ride @Cheshiremark and I did in early May. I don’t think I have the speed (yet) to get the flow, but I do love the trails!


which line are you riding in the video @IanMHFX

From Gorge, empire trails and grey mountain. which place would be the best for downhills …

That’s a mix of several trails. The full ride-log is here (if it’s visible to you): The ride log does note the following accomplishments, so these trails at the very least. :smiley: Looks like it was a good day for me!

It gives a good idea of the type of trails and terrain that you’ll see there. As @bent6543 says, “classic” trails that are rough and rooty.

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Grey mountain…gorge has a couple shorter runs which are fun. Empire has a couple nice flowy hilly trails but its more of an all mountain type of riding compared to dh.

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If you want downhill in Nova Scotia the place to be is Keppoch hands down.

We don’t have a lot of elevation here so you’ll be lucky to run over a few minutes of sustained down anywhere.

After that Grey Mtn or Woodville (the links), Wentworth or Fitzpatrick Mtn are the spots with the most sustained DH.

The gorge has a bit but its short, there are some decent hucks to be had there if you want.

Emipre/Gore is an XC course, I wouldn’t put it anywhere near the All Mountian category. Sure there’s some downhills but it’s not anywhere I’d look to go to do sustained DH riding.


Find some dudes with a truck and carpool down to Keppoch, @Taseen_Iqbal.

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Keppoch is definitely worth the trip!

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Thanks all!, i will hit keppoch with a friend soon

i went to grey mtb, it was quite rough overall but some of the lines were fantasic

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