How often do you replace the pins on your pedals?

I switched to flat pedals last spring, so these have had just over a year of wear and tear. But, I’m finding they don’t have the grip they had last year. I do ride at Fight most of the time, and there was definitely more pedal strikes while I was getting used to them. I’m just wondering how often you guys get new pins on your pedals, or need new shoes. They don’t seem too worn out, but some of them are quite bent. Maybe it’s time to think about replacing them. Any thoughts?

Cheap option is to take a hand file and flatten the top of the pins to give the pins an edge. Might also just need a new set of pedals with more pins. now that your more experienced you might be riding more aggressive.

I bought a bunch of bolts from Walmart last year that fit both my One Up and Kona pedals (I couldn’t find them anywhere else at a good value shipped to Canada). I just replace when one is broken or bent being careful not to strip out the nut.