How to get your tools into the trails

Here are some pics of some inventive ways to get your trail building tools into the trails…

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I like those trailers. Bob’s I believe?

Tried a canoe barrel today. Want to use it to carry tools, rocks and dirt around the trail system. A little awkward to ride with but not terrible. Found a post by someone on mtbr from years ago who said that the 30L barrel was more manageable on the bike, but I wanted tto try the 60L barrel for the capacity to haul stuff. Easy to overload. Had a pulaski, crowbar, small spade, portable circular saw, wood preservative, nails, and a bunch of small items. That was manageable. When I tried to carry crusher dust at the same time it was too much. Really awkward to ride with so much weight on the bike. Emptying everything I was able to carry about 20L of wet crusher dust on the bike ok.