How to piss off Halifax motorists

And possibly get yourself killed in the process. Anyone know this guy?

He has since taken it down :slight_smile:

Here’s another one by the same guy - a real biking ambassador. The first 3 minutes are the best.

google does.

If he hasn’t already, he’ll get creamed one of these days. Still makes all of us look bad though.

Anyone looked at his other videos? One of them indicates he may actually be an employee at a Halifax area bike shop.

Lots of video of riding in very wet conditions as well. Like @Rolls said, a real ambassador for the sport.

You would think someone in the industry would know better.

Drama, mystery, scandal…the suspense…


Turns out it’s the same guy that got clotheslined by a chain across a private trail in this vid posted a few months back on pedaltrout.

I’m actually having a hard time faulting his riding. I can appreciate freaking out the squares and the urban warrior/NYC courier mentality. It is just as valid as obeying every single rule. Different strokes for different folks.

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That’s you in the video isn’t it @bent6543? I knew it :smile:

Folks are free to ride however they choose. But when non-MTBers see someone riding like that it leaves a bad taste in their mouth. And then we wonder why it’s such a hard sell to include MTBs in areas like Birch Cove/Blue Mountain.

Ha! I’m not going to say I never rode like that before. Well okay I never rode on the sidewalk that much.

I think the vast majority of MTB videos on the interwebs would leave a bad taste in non-MTBers mouths. Hell even I think the portrayed attitudes in a large percentage are obnoxious.

I’m not a role model… Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids. – Charles Barkley

Not everyone wants to be an ambassador.

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The timing is bad. This video could have everyone sporting shiny new license plates.

Well this is interesting, and timely. Just saw this article from a self-described “rule breaking cyclist drivers hate” in The Coast.


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Not gonna lie… I enjoyed his article.

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It was a fresh perspective at least.

Some of the whining on facefart where this originated, is sad really. This dude isn’t ruining my reputation as a “real” cyclist, whatever “real” means. He’s not ruining anyone else’s reputation either. Get over it. If your that “small town” then you have small problems.

I’d like to know what people would propose to do if they found out who this was. Embarrass them? Threaten them? Report them to the police? Nothing, that’s what. Go “out” a dealer or a pimp if you want to be a vigilante.

This video or any of the other scofflaw cyclists out there aren’t going to cause bike licenses to happen. It’s a political dead end, not financially sustainable, end of story. Wasting time and money on the 3rd study is the story.

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“What are people going to do” - Piss and moan, not confront him directly or if they did confront him they’d chastise him and add fuel to his fire :).

I can’t believe some of you think this is an OK way to ride and to represent the cycling community at large.

It is obvious that none of you have had a brother killed in a cycling accident on the road. Unfortunately, I have and condoning this type of riding and don’t give a **** attitude is incredibly wrong.

Cyclists get hit and killed you know. Sometimes it is their fault, sometimes it isn’t. How would you feel if you were the driver of the car that hit and killed this guy? It wouldn’t matter to you that it was his fault. You will carry that with you for the rest of your life and I suggest would mess you up pretty badly