How to raise a mountain biker

Raise a MTBer

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So appropriate for me right now. I just took Zoe (she’s 8).out for a ride with a bit of trail mixed in. Good fun!

Where did you ride? My 8 and 12 year olds are looking for something more challenging than the rail trail.
Nine Mile River is great but too wet right now.

Nothing impressive. It was just 30ft section leading to a park.

I was thinking nine mile river too. But for the wet and the drive, I’m holding off.

I’m still pondering. I want to take her somewhere this morning.

I’ve taken my son to Nine Mile a few times, he loves it. Looking to introduce him to some new trails this year- got him on a full suspension now!

Have you seen the skills track at MacDonald Sport Park? Its neat but really needs some topsoil/clay.

It would be cool to do a collection for a load of topsoil.

I have not seen the skills track… would like to check that out. Otter Lake is a decent trail for taking a kid… going to be too much water right now though.

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There was a dandy kona 24" bike on kiji a few weeks ago with disk brakes. I can’t remember the model though.

Here’s Zoe at MacDonald Sport Park:

Pretty cool for her third trip on the new bike.