How to wash your bike


I was wondering how some of you guys with FS bikes washed your bike? What kind of soap did you use? Can you easily wash away essential lube. Thanks!


I don’t use soap. Usually just do a dry wash…wipe the bike with a dry rag to knock all the dirt off. Or I’ll just hose it all down and dry. The chain gets done with proper degreaser and relubed often.


I use a little warm water wth dawn dish soap to scrub down my chain, cassette and cranks with. Helps cut the grease and get the dirt off. I’m sure to dry the chain well and lube again after.
The rest of my bike I just use a hose, scrub brush and a towel to dry it off with.
Most of the time I just wipe off my stanchions and chain between rides and knock off any dried dirt (like @Rolls said) I really only wash my bike properly about 3-4 times a year.


I clean a lot of bikes and never use water, soap or degreaser…
I use brushes from the dollar store, (they sell a set of small and large nylon, brass and stainless brushes for $3, and 2 packs of long handle pot scrubbing brushes for $1.50) a 2" paint brush knocks the bigger stuff off and dry rags (sometimes cut into strips) to fit in smaller places.


Finish Line makes an excellent frame / bicycle cleaner. Hose bike, spritz with clean, rinse bike. Haven’t used dish soap or automobile soap in years.


Thanks a lot for all the ideas!


Main thing is not to spray with force - can force water through seals.


If in my apartment then I use paint brushes and tooth brushes to remove dirt. Then I use a window floam cleaner to get the frame and a few parts. Re-lube after every ride regardless.

If I’m on the road I’ll hit the do-it-yourself car washes and do the car at the same time. Blast the mud off the frame and tires are specific angles as to not hit the pressure in pivots, bushings, seals. The pressure of a stream of water from the thing in it’s standby mode(not engaging it) is enough to blast away the rest, but still never hit in into fork/shock seals. Window cleaner to make the frame shinny again once home.


@Shep used to show up with the cleanest bike. Looked like it was brand new every time, but he always refused to say how he did it.


Park Tools - How to wash a Bike

I have the brushes he uses here and must say that they make a great difference in getting everything clean


I usually have $3 and stop by the self wash, blast off the dirt but don’t go crazy. Just a quick rinse, I blast the cassette and tires. Air dry as I finish my ride, lube when I get home. Ready for next ride.