Https is enabled now

Fyi… I just enabled https on the site. Let me know it there are any issues please.


gunna be secure af now


Certificates :laughing:

A couple of benefits came out of it…

  • the site can now publish notifications to the os.
  • the site can have a home screen button

It looks like the system is automatically removing the quote when you reply to a comment (spring trail conditions thread)


Might be a feature that was just added:
“Automatically removed quote of whole previous post.”

Seems like a strange case for them to optimize.

I always click no on every website that asks.
I don’t know what you mean by Home Screen Button.

Its ecmtb so really the only site I care to get notifications from. :slight_smile:

It prompted to create a home screen launcher. Another feature I don’t want from any other site but for ecmtb I’ll use it to check stuff quick.

yeah, they certainly would not be as frequent as Instagram or Facebook or whatnot. I like to keep web browsing in the browser. Call me old fashioned.

I feel the same generally. Writing a phone app with javascript and html is a sad failure of the software industry.

Is that the language of most phone apps?

I’m just glad the type I type is encrypted now. Sick of CSIS ease-dropping on me here.

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Injecting typos and stuff too.

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