Hub cones question

Hi guys,

Just bought some used wheels off kijiji for pretty cheap. Haven’t looked at the rear very closely yet. The front didn’t spin well, maybe the result of a repacking that didn’t quite go right? The cup and balls look OK to me (I am no expert), but the cones are pretty badly worn and one is quite pitted.

Is it usually pretty easy to find suitable replacement cones locally if I bring the cones and axle into a shop? The wheels are nothing to write home about. Factory branded from a road bike, but hopefully OK for what I need.

You should be able to find replacement cones at almost any LBS, but if they’re old or odd I would try Jack Nauss on Agricola St. Definately bring the originals with you for comparison. If you want I’ll have a look at them.

Super, thanks. It came with a 9 speed cassette so not ancient. I’ll likely try SportWheels on the way home and see if they have anything. I might take you up on your offer to look at them. Looks like it works with 13mm or 14mm cone wrench.

yeah that’s a toasted cone! you’re probably best off replacing both cones if the other side is showing any scoring/pitting. hopefully the cone took most of the damage and not the hub. Some fresh bearings will be in order too.

I usually don’t try save hubs that had that sort of damage in them. Even with new cones and bearings, I find the damage is usually done. Depends what you expect of them. Just want to roll on for a while? Slap it all together. Want it to be smooth, hold an adjustment and last? Probably expecting a bit much. May or may not be easy to find spare bits, but could come up lucky. Sometimes they “fit” alright, but dust seals and stuff may not go back on the same, etc. Not to poo poo on you parade, just I see it every day.

In the future, stainless bearings are great, along with some waterproof grease, and of course, they have to be adjusted and locked properly.

A little trick, try to run a ballpoint pen around the hub races where the bearings have left a track. If it rolls smooth, you can probably get away with a repack alright.

HI Aaron,

Thanks for the tips. I repacked the hub anyway with a new axle assembly. A bit more friction than my damaged rim with the cartridge bearing hub but I figure ride it and see how it goes; doesn’t seem to have play when the QR is tight so I am optimistic.

Fortunately my old hub has the same # of holes so I can probably rebuild a frankenstein without throwing out too many parts.

– Adam