Hunting Season

Just a heads up to remind folks to wear Hunter Safety Orange or other bright colours in the woods. We all have a right to play in the woods, just play safe!

This also goes for your pets as well. We want all members of your family to stay safe!

Happy Trails.



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FYI the province has lifted the ban on Sunday hunting for the first two Sundays of the deer hunting season, Nov 1 and Nov 8.

More info here

So these signs showed up on the Richmond Trails in NFLD …interesting…

This is far from representative of the average hunter in my experience.

We met up with a hunter at Spiderlake last night who bagged a deer in the choppings near the highway. Just off the double track that leads to the tunnel. Pile o’guts there now.

Probably not for long…

Are we to understand the snares were on the trail?

It would seem that way, but not really sure.

That picture is from Newfoundland.