I Can't get my tubeless tire to seat

Sooooooooooo frustrating.

I have a compressor but by the time everything starts to seat it runs out of pressure and it has to kick in to pump up to pressure. By the time it is ready to go again all of the air is gone and I have to start over again. I think part of the problem is that the tires were folded for a long period of time and there are a few “kinks” in the bead where it was folded.

Any tips? Perhaps I just need a larger capacity compressor. I seated the front tire with no trouble but the back one is driving me out of my ****ing mind

Try putting a tube in and pumping it up and let it sit overnight, then take the tube out and try seating it tubeless. That can take the wrinkles out of the bead and help it seal better. I use a small 2 or 3 gallon compressor for the job and it works just fine.

I’m also using about the smallest 2 gallon compressor available and have always managed to get tires to seat up. Doing it somewhere warm in the winter months helps the rubber of the tire become more pliable vs hard when it’s in a cold garage or outdoors. I also find it helps to keep the valve in the highest position relative to the floor.

-Use warm soapy water on the beads and rim. It acts as a lube and helps the bead slide into place easier. It also helps you spot any leaky spots once you finally do have it seated.

-As @gtrguy said above, Throwing a tube in the tire overnight and pumping it up to 40psi and leaving it can help with seating after you take the tube out. If you can keep one side of the tire completely seated when you remove the tube that will help a lot.

-How many wraps of tape do you have on the rim? Adding another layer might help to make a tighter fit with the tire to aid in inflation.

-Make sure the compressor regulator is turned up to max pressure to allow a large burst of air in. If it’s a little 2-3 gallon compressor, wait until its filled all the way to begin inflation.

-Eliminate any other sources of air escaping. Tubeless tape ripped or torn, or becoming unstuck. Tubeless valve leaking, or not tight.

Good tips. Thanks guys. I have never had a problem before but this one is driving me crazy. I’ll give it another go tonight.

I’ve never had issues getting the tire to seat, but I’ve had a ton of issues around the valve stem.

I’ve always seated my tires with nothing more than a floor pump, but I remove the valve core first to ensure that I get as much air in there as possible. Then, pump your ass off until it hits 35 PSI. It should snap into place. Replace the valve stem and air it up. Seems to work for me, although I don’t run tubeless as I’ve found them to be too unreliable on the trail.

I’ll echo putting a tube in there for a couple days to reshape the tire.

Another trick is to remove the valve stem core in the case of a presta valve and using just an air gun and my fingers, that usually lets you get air in there even quicker. YOu’ll lose the air of course after you stop, but the bead should have gotten a chance to seat, then you can replace the core and refill the standard way.

Good luck!

It very much depends on the tire/wheel combo too, some tires are animals to seat. As mentioned, if the tire has a stiff casing and was folded, set it up with a tube for a couple days, Continentals are a tire that I have had trouble with and the tube method helps.
I love tubeless setups.

Problem solved. Thanks Cyclesmith!

When in doubt… farm it out

They had a little trouble too so I don’t feel so useless

My last tubeless tire gave me a lot of trouble too. My compressor couldn’t seat it. The Canadian Tire Gas bar compressed air couldn’t do it (always worked before). Sportwheels let me use their compressed air. It took quite a few tries, and i was just about to give up. I made quite a mess of their floor with spilled sealant. I really appreciated their letting me in to the shop area to get this done.