I Heart Bikes looking for your help

Next year I Heart Bikes would like to add a Cargo Bike to our fleet. And not just any cargo bike… a Triobike!

Designed in Copenhagen the Triobike is one of the lightest cargo bikes on the market (with multiple gears) and can hold up to 200lbs in the front carriage.

This means you can carry:
up to 3 children
a friend, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, and
bring the joy of biking to those who otherwise cannot ride a bicycle .


Remember when only charities for illnesses like cancer asked for donations? :roll:

Is I heart bikes a business or a not for profit?


Notice the use of the word “curate”… obviously hipsters. This is a business asking for money… why don’t they buy the cargo bike with REVENUE :wink:

They also sell advertising space on the city bikes they currently have, and will do the same on the new bikes. I applaud them for trying to raise cash without taking out a loan, but I have a bike and it costs me nothing. They would be better off trying to sell tshirts or something.

I wonder how it would handle at Whopper?

I’d try it. At Whopper.